Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sweet & simple & I got a hat!

Now let me state up front that I am singing the praises of Sweet & Simple not because I received any products for free or pimped myself out as a reviewer. Rather, I wanted a hat. And some cookies. And I happen to think Michelle Jaffee is a tremendous amount of fun online and I'm all for supporting a local (hey, it's on the East Coast!), non-chain business, run by a woman who works her butt off. Whilst raising a family. That all being said, I really wanted a hat. So I placed my order and today received a great basket of joy:

(Note the hat. I'm going to wear it everywhere.) 

I also ate a cookie. A chocolate chip cookie. And it was very good. Very, very good. When I worked downtown, I often treated myself to local cookies sold in delis and such but not one was as good as this. Seriously. This is the best I've ever had. Not crunchy like a Chips Ahoy, nor over chewy, it was just the right combo of cakey/chewy with just the right amount of chippage. And because it's made from scratch with only natural ingredients I feel that, perhaps, I should eat another. To keep my strength up. You know, for medicinal purposes. Because M&Ms make everyone feel good. But I won't. Because I'm going to share with the rest of my family. I'm super nice that way. 

If you'd like to order a basket of joy for yourself (and I highly recommend that you do), just click here. Michelle is also on Twitter so please give her a follow. 

And no, you can't have the brownie. That's all mine. Although most likely I will share it with Jandar, because he does love a brownie sundae. And, if I can get to the vanilla ice cream lurking in the back of my freezer, he shall have what most likely will be the best one ever.


Elle said...

Those cookies look fabulous! And the hat? Icing on the cake. It's just right--not too flashy, just pretty.

I'll fight you for the sundae.

Jenni said...

The jealousy is building inside me. I want that hat. And the Baked Goods.

Andrew's Mom said...

You are a good egg...no matter what you say!

Michelle Jaffee said...

Thank you for reviewing Sweet & Simple!
I was NOT expecting a review and I appreciate the feedback. Wear the hat in good health! XOXO

Ilke said...

I am all about woman-owned, non-chain business :) Go Michelle!

Bridget said...

Great. Now I'm hungry. And I want hat. And I'm at work. Sigh.