Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garden update: Day 12

I am very pleased to announce great progress in my garden. I've had to battle early-morning slugs, which have thoroughly chomped through my basil, but my toms and peps are thriving and I've got greens making an appearance. And other things. Take a look.

Mixed chicory blend (top); French Breakfast radishes (m); Parisienne carrots (bottom, r); arugula (bottom, m); and Thai chili pepper (bottom, l)
Bowl of herbs (top); mint (bottom)
Toms. They've really taken off. I like how they deliberately staggered themselves in size. 

Peps. Still have no idea what species. Time will tell.

Salad greens.

Dixie butter peas. Three of the four seeds took root. Really pleased.

One lone okra. 

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