Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Two quirky girls and a pie

The week before Memorial Day, my local buddy Laura Freed and I were bouncing around ideas about how to include bacon in a dessert, particularly pie.  After very little bouncing (we can justify including bacon in almost anything) we decided that pecan pie would be the pie of choice.  The syrupy sweet filling and inherent butteriness of the pecans would play very nicely with the salty smokiness of the bacon.  But where to put the bacon?  It would be overwhelmed in the filling and we wanted it to be separate, not just a blended ingredient.

We decided it should go in the crust.  And behold, the Pecan Pie w/Bacon Crust was born.  (Yeah, we didn't give it a fancy name.  I mean, really, it's all about the bacon, anyway.)

The pie was made from scratch, using homemade pie dough as well.  Oscar Mayer was the bacon of choice.

I knew going in that I'd have to adjust the pie dough recipe to allow for the fat from the bacon.  I ended up using 2 1/2 cups flour, 8 Tbsp Crisco, 1/3 cup ice water, and added 5 slices of cooked, undrained bacon.  Undrained meaning I just took it from the baking sheet after it cooled and plopped it into the fridge.  This recipe was only tested this once and it worked out pretty well; however, I have a feeling it will need some tweaking should I attempt this again.  Should you want to try this, I make no guarantees it will work for you.  It will all depend on your particular ingredients; the stars aligned for me that day.  :)

Here is the finished dough:

I used the standard recipe found on the bottle of dark Karo syrup, adding a few tablespoons of bourbon to the batter.  Because I love bourbon.  And pecan pie.  And bacon.  And what could be better than all three together?  Particularly in a pie.

And here is what they morphed into:

I served this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream from Tanner's, a local dairy farm that makes out-of-this-world ice cream.  And this pie deserved it.

The result?  A very good pie.  The filling was as it should be, and the addition of the bourbon was spiky enough without being overwhelming.  The crust tasted very much like a savory scone, and the bacon taste was obvious without being overpowering.  It all worked very well together, salty, sweet, smoky, and the ice cream actually cut through the richness of the dessert nicely.

I enjoyed making this pie and but the most fun was planning the whole concoction with Laura.  So I think we can officially call this Quirky Pecan Pie and not be so damn literal with the name.  :)