Thursday, May 5, 2011

Soylent green is people

Hard to believe that I started my garden in February and I've got so many gorgeous plants already.  Here are some shots of what's coming up now:

Bloody Butcher tom and some Genovese basil (l); Eva Purple Ball toms (r)

Little Fingers eggplants

Lincoln peas

Peppers, could be Serrano

Toms or peps (l, m), French breakfast radishes (seeds [r])

Strawberries (l), toms, peps, parsley, cilantro (top), radishes (bottom)

Peps (top), lettuces (bottom)

Georgia sweet onions

Georgia sweet onions


Sweet mint

As I'm reading this I realize that I maybe should have marked everything a little more clearly when I brought it outdoors.  However, I can tell the difference between the plants so I'm not overly concerned with specifics.  I'll know what they are when they come in.  I'm so on the ball, aren't I?

And, just to break things up, here are pictures of a cherry coffeecake, pecan pie, and a Key lime pie I made for Easter.  These were very, very good.

So maybe I'll see you in, what, July?  ;)


Bridget said...

Our plants are doing well too - we even have a few stawberries and blueberries!

I'm guessing there are no desserts left. Darn.

Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

your plants look great love the eggplants I will get busy next week when I get home

Annapet said...

I'm envious my tomatoes have not sprouted yet. Thank goodness for the Little Dude's science project...So he better not started mostly weeds, LOL.

Amy K. said...

Your plants look great. I need to transfer mine to a planter. My sprouts are sitting on a plate in my dining room. I pray everyday that they don't die. One of these days I'll get my arse over to Home Depot...

Foodie Fictionista said...

Wow. My tomato plants are not that big (yet). I did use to order everything (did I tell you? can't remember!) and they were fantastic!