Thursday, May 26, 2011

Disco dirt

I'd like to post some lovely, updated photos of my garden for you to say "God, more photos AGAIN?!" but, alas, nothing right now.  I've lost everything I started indoors with the exception of one Jimmy Nardello pepper plant to a rabid infestation of fruit flies brought on, I think, by the week's worth of drenching rains.  Then again, I'm not Gil Grissom so who really knows where they all came from.  Suffice to say, yesterday morning I went out back and noticed the soil in each pot was shaking its sweet self to a secret disco medley.  Soil is not supposed to move of its own volition and it was then that I noticed the thick flitty clouds of fruit flies covering everything.  Like Goldie Hawn in "Overboard" I think I swallowed a bug.  Or several thousand, which is the fruit fly equivalent of one regular bug.  Either way, yesterday afternoon, I bagged and hauled everything to the curb. Trust me when I say eww.

Admittedly, I'm angry that this happened, all my hard work taken away by trash men; a fair amount of money and time lost; and what could have been my best crop ever of tomatoes and peppers, really interesting varieties that I was looking forward to sharing.  Gone, just that like, with absolutely no way for me to have prevented it.

But I still have a roof over my head.  My family is still under that roof, my boys have a yard to play in, and we opened the pool, officially starting the summer season.  I'm grateful for all of this and for Mother Nature not wreaking havoc on us.  I'm lucky.  I can afford to replace the pots and the plants (and I did), and I don't rely on my garden for sustenance or financial survival.  What I view as a seasonal hobby others rely on to put food on the table and clothes on their backs.  Do I have a right to be angry?  Sure, who wouldn't be.  But I'm focusing instead on starting anew and being glad I have the means to do so.
You so know I'm foisting more pictures upon you as soon as possible, don't you?  :)


Bridget said...

I get what you are saying, but it IS frustrating. Also as you say, at least Mother Nature isn't truly messing with you like she is in other places.

I am amused by the Gil Grissom reference. :-)

Foodie Fictionista said...

Oh. Hello. I read your old post first, had to run out, then when I came back online, thought I'd read your new post and ARGHHHH! Guess what? I've noticed all these tiny holes on my tomato plants. Fruit Flies? I don't know, like I said, this is my first "time." But if it doesn't work out...I'm just gonna go back to buying from the farmers!
Sorry for your loss (and look, at least those fking insects can't ruin your PIES!!!)

Lucy said...

"shaking its sweet self to a secret disco medley". Fantastic description!

Photos are always good btw. A picture speaks... etc etc

Quilting Mama said...

Well nuts! That is totally frustrating to loose that much work and money to little annoying bugs.

Keep that spirit having health, a home, and all the family safe is such a blessing.

hope to see pictures of anything you plant, cook, and eat soon!!!