Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little green things

I planted my first batch of seeds on February 15th and one subsequent batch on the 20th or thereabouts. Today is March 5th and there has been progress, very good progress, if you don't include me upending one or two cups freshly sown seeds.

Upper: Sweet Thai basil (l), Greek dwarf basil (r)
Lower: Bloody Butcher tomato (top), Genovese basil (bottom) 

Little fingers eggplant (l), Jimmy Nardello peppers (r)

Thessoloniki tomatoes

Debarao toms (lower left), Striped Cavern toms (upper left)
Lincoln peas (big green plants in middle), Chervil (above peas)
Eva Purple Ball toms (yellow cup), Cilantro (orange cup)
Parsley (cup at bottom right)
Serrano peps (square container, upper right)

I'm really pleased with how everything has grown thus far and I must say that the Miracle Gro organic potting soil is superior to the little peatlets I usually start with.  Far less expensive, too.  The other containers have oregano, Mexican mint marigold, and Riesenstraube and Tonodose des Conores toms.  I think there's some peppers in one of the square salads as well but I forgot to mark it so we'll see.

I've also started some Chadwick's Ronan lettuce but that's just a box of soil right now and you don't need a photo to know what that looks like.  Once I empty out the container of spinach I'm going to try some radishes.  The Radish Saxa II are supposed to yield in 30 days and I'm intrigued to see if I can do that indoors.  I am going to have to separate the pea plants and give them good, solid containers sooner rather than later.  I've never grown them before and I'm very excited to see what/if I can harvest anything from them this year.


Chow and Chatter said...

oh yum those herbs will be wonderful in cooking :-) I need to do the same


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