Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We're having rigatoni for lunch, with a red sauce.  Here is a little green for you, courtesy of my ever-exploding garden.

Upgraded cilantro; parlsey; Eva Purple Ball toms; and Striped Cavern toms to new containers

Jimmy Nardello pep; chervil; Bloody Butcher tom and Genovese basil in new pots

This is a Genovese basil I planted last winter, which has flourished nicely

New containers in their natural habitat (the sunroom).  The top center is some kind of tom but I forgot to label it.

Top left is Little Fingers eggplant; top right is Chadwick's Rodan lettuce.

Top and middle left are Lincoln pea plants; bottom is Debarao toms; middle is Tonodoes des Conores toms; bottom middle is Riesenstraube toms; upper right Dwarf Greek and Sweet Thai basil; lower right Santa Fe Grande and Serrano peps

Considering I started this project a month ago, I've seen amazing progress.  On average I planted 3 of each seed and I've seen a good return for my effort.  I still have to get the radishes, bunching onions, and several peppers started but there is still plenty of time.  The Lincoln pea plants continue to amaze me and seem to grow every day.  I used some skewers to stake them for now but they will most definitely need new pots sooner rather than later.

Has anyone else been impatient and started their garden indoors already?


Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

wow they are growing so well

Gretchen said...

I haven't started any seeds yet, but seeing your success makes me want to get my hands in the dirt! Well done to you for getting a jump on gardening season.

Lisa said...

@Gretchen Thank you! We had so much snow this year that I jumped the gun: I HAD to get my hands in some soil and watch something grow. :)

Annapet said...

Wow, your garden is well underway! I better get moving here!

Foodie Fictionista said...

Where do you buy your seeds at? I really need to get started. This year I'm in love with cilantro! Last year one of our friends grew lemon basil - I never asked where they got the plant from -must remember to do so!

Lisa said...

I got most from, an heirloom seed company with an amazing selection of really interesting varieties. Shipping was only three bucks so I must admit that was a selling point as was the free surprise pack they threw in as a little lagniappe. I got arugula!

Everything is growing; one batch of seeds didn't take but, as I didn't label them, I have no idea which they were.

I also placed a small order with While they had a nice selection, I have to admit that the shipping was quite spendy, especially since they're on the East Coast with me!

Others have had good success with so I can highly recommend them. And I got them fast.

Foodie Fictionista said...

Going to I'll tell them that kitten basket killing, bacon loving drunk sent me:>)))