Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last frost? What's that?

While on Twitter today, I had a great conversation with Elle and Heather about starting our seeds for this year's gardens.  If you have followed me for the last two years you know that, once I get my seeds started indoors, I pretty much ramble on about them, post many unnecessary photos of them, and basically work very hard at boring everyone to tears.  This year I promise 173% more boring photos!

I got my seeds this year from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds and Johnny's Selected Seeds. As I do every year, I purchased way more than I have room to grow out back; however, I don't really care so it's a moot point.  Like I told Elle and Heather, I am my father's daughter; I buy the seeds, stick them in the dirt, and wait and see what happens.  There is absolutely no planning and much running amoking.

From Baker Creek:

Herbs:  Chervil, Wild Zaatar Oregano, Oregano Vulgare, Genovese Basil, Greek Dwarf Basil, Sweet Thai Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley

Root veg:  Crimson Forest Bunching onion, Radish Saxa II, French Breakfast Radish

Greens: Little Gem lettuce, Chadwick's Rodan lettuce, Arugula

Pepps:  Santa Fe Grande, Jimmy Nardello Italian, Serrano, Coban Red Pimiento, Large Sweet Antigua

Toms:  Thessaloniki, Riesentraube, Tonodoes des Conores, Bloody Butcher

Little Fingers Eggplant

From Johnny's Selected:

Toms: Debarao, Eva Purple Ball, Striped Cavern

Hungarian Wax Peppers

Herbs:  Mexican Mint Marigold, Wild Bergamot, Orange Thyme, Chickweed

Started this initial batch on February 15:

Using salad bar containers, applesauce and pudding cups plus terracotta pots

Genovese basil has started sprouting

Lincoln pea sprout

Yogurt cups with tomato, parsley, chervil, and cilantro

Heather had a great idea of using cardboard egg crates to start seeds as they can be planted right into the soil; she also mentioned using the toilet paper rolls to help carrots grow straight.  If I ever get around to doing more root veggies than radishes I'm going to do this.  

As in years past, we have numerous critters who like to trespass in our yard (a black cat, rabbits under the shed, the occasional possum or fox), which means I still have to do everything in pots, even though I'd love to make the investment of a raised bed.  The squirrels still manage to have a good rummage now and again but they don't do too much damage.  I like using those giant tool carriers from Home Depot or Lowe's for my tomatoes and they were great last yard when I grew chard.  I'm going to invest in a few more of those but I think I have enough pots floating around to give everything a home.  

I'm also very much looking forward to growing strawberries again.  Those were amazing.


Elle said...

I love your choices! The Wild Zataar Oregano is very cool-I'm going to have to grab some of that! What do you mean by the tool carriers? Those large buckets?

Thanks for the shout out, the advice, and the great chat!

Jenni said...

Great. Now I feel all inferior. Time to go to the store...

Seriously, I am looking forward to the 173% more photos! Happy gardening! =D

Lisa said...

@Elle Yep, those large buckets. Got the idea from my neighbor, who grows HUGE tomatoes every year. I drill a few holes in the bottom to drain water and voila! great plant buckets.

@Jenni I just have absolutely no patience. We had a nice spell last week and I got all itchy. And then we woke up to a little snow this morning. But I can smell Spring...

Heather said...

Eva purple ball are not even purple at all! And be warned. My cat's name is Eva. She is crabby, old, obstinate and pukes on everything I own. DO not TRUST THESE TOMATOES!

Thanks for the "Holla!" and I will come with you on your journey to bore the every living crap out of people with garden tales, and I will see your 173% more photos and raise you about 313...

Lisa said...

@Heather So I guess I'll call them Eva's Puking Balls. Which sounds terribly nasty. I'll plant them next to the Bloody Butchers. :)