Thursday, September 23, 2010

cupcake mafia: Recipe Review: Pumpkin Chai Cookies

I'm not quite sure what the protocol is for clicking on the "Blog This!" button on a post on someone else's site; however, this recipe sounded so good that I wanted to share.  I haven't made these as of yet (I just haven't had time this week) but I am hoping to get to them this weekend.  If anyone beats me to them, please let me know.  They sound amazing.

cupcake mafia: Recipe Review: Pumpkin Chai Cookies: "Photo Courtesy of Patty Van Dorin I have been trying to come up with the perfect cookie to send to loved ones during late summer time but..."

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Simple Minds

I spend a great deal of time on Twitter, ranting about opposing football teams, sharing photos of clouds and food, and uttering nonsense just to garner myself some attention. My need for attention is so great that I have joined the Blog Her Food '10 Pity Party. What the hell is it, exactly? I'd like to say that I'm fully aware of that in which I am participating, however, there appears to be an official drink and a badge (which is displayed over yonder) and, being that I am a slut for cake and drink and shiny things I thought why the hell not? I've always wanted to live vicariously through a John Hughes movie (I am lying. Oh, how I am ever lying.) and this seems like the ideal opportunity. However, I would like for someone a bit less mental than Ally Sheedy to portray me. Because she's wack. Oh, I know. Deborah Gibson. Now that would be worth bringing back zombie John Hughes for one more film. And, after "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus" I'm sure she'll take the role.

(Apparently, it's an online pity party for people who aren't going to BlogHer Food 2010. And there are oodles of prizes. Which makes it all the more worthwhile. Join us. One of us, one of us, one of us...)

So, that's pretty much it. I made soup today, a very nice buttersquash with cumin, garam masala, and coconut milk (even though it was 87 degrees out today) and a rather lavish chocolate peanut butter cake for Jandar's birthday. Which I realize now I never blogged about. Hm. I did pay attention to him on Twitter, though, and fed him well and plied him with wine and bourbon and champagne so I'm betting I'm forgiven.

That's all I've got. For now. The chittlins are back in school full-time starting tomorrow and I get a bit of quiet computer time to myself to properly compose posts. Which is good. For me, at least. For those of you who read me, well, you're really the judges.

Take care!