Friday, April 23, 2010

Lazy Post

Yes, I know, my god, why is she posting more pictures about that damn garden of hers? Because I'm rather pleased with how it's managed through my utter neglect. I water them, yes but I did put everything out a bit earlier than I should and by all rights everything should be dead. Some, like the cilantro, parsley, and strawberry, are showing obvious side-effects from the cold nights but I think they'll bounce back. The chard and the rocket I'm going to move to big pots this weekend and I gave my sage and lavender both a permanent spot and they're doing very well. And my mustard greens are exploding.

This was supposed to be a completely different dish but, as people have asked me what corvina fish looks like, well, here it is, all gussied up with a light dusting of flour and pan-fried in a little oil and butter. The rice is a recipe I took from the back of a bag of basmati, pulau rice, and it's the easiest thing in the world to make, very tasty, and makes a wonderful breakfast the next day. The fish is mild, to me a cross between tilapia and cod, relatively inexpensive, and very delicious.

I've got several new cookbooks to brag about, too. Several being an understatement: two came in the mail already and I'm waiting on two more. Amazon Marketplace can be addictive.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Early Days Yet

I've been told by some that I've planted my garden too soon and that I may not get a good crop because of the wonky weather we've been having (days of endless heat and sunshine and then a plunge into the low 50s); however, things are looking good thus far. It's a bit smaller than last year--I think--even though I have 21 pepper plants, in part because I thought the pots I was buying had four in each; turns out they had nine. So I've got nine each jalapeno and sweet bell pepper plants so I should end up with something by the time all is grown and done. The other three plants are two hot cherry and one serrano chili. I'm also trying white eggplant, strawberries, chard, and tarragon just because I've never grown them before and I'm curious to see what happens. I will say that I checked on the chard this morning and it's exploded; I just have to get pics. It's a blend called "le bizarre" from the Franchi Italian seed collection and it is supposed to grow yellow, red, and purple varieties. Should be fun.



Peppers and tomatoes on side patio, that small red pot is full of fennel seeds.

Bottom row, left to right: mustard greens, cherry peps, yellow grape tomatoes; on table: oregano, chard, cilantro (bottom); sage (middle); parsley, eggplant (top); strawberries, upper right corner. The empty pots are basils and tarragon, with the serrano chili plant in the middle.