Monday, January 4, 2010

Recipe Swipe Uno

I found this recipe for Apricot Chicken and, being as we're having a long cold spell here right now, it seemed the perfect time to try chicken in my crock pot. The end result I think looks really good, and the addition of green beans and sweet potatoes made it an easy, complete meal with very little work.

Unfortunately, I cannot rave about it. If you notice at the beginning of the recipe, Stephanie says that this is so good people will not believe it came from a crock pot. I'm glad I didn't have people over because, truthfully, they would have not been at all surprised. The flavor was light, almost insipid, and the chicken tasted absolutely nothing of the sauce. Now, as I added the green beans during the last 15 mins of cooking, they could not be blamed for sucking flavor out of the sauce or watering it down; nor can the sweet potatoes be at fault. I tasted the sauce on its own and it's just lacking. I can't figure out what I did and I'm more than sure the author's final dish was rave-worthy but this is not one I will be making again.

Oh, and even the chittlins turned up their collective nose. And they love chicken.

However, I can recommend the book this recipe is in, as it's a good read and has nice little snippets of what her friends and family thought of each recipe. There are plenty of really interesting ideas for cooking with the crock pot that make me really glad I've held on to mine for so long. The book doesn't have any photos but the site is loaded for bear so you can easily hop online to take a look at her finished dishes.


Chow and Chatter said...

love your honesty Lisa, looks great and healthy though

Love Rebecca

The Caked Crusader said...

Shame it didn't work out - sometimes recipes let us down; we've all had it.
Happy new year

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Well it looked pretty.

Bridget said...

How frustrating, 'cause it looks yummy, and apricots usually yum up anything.

(Maybe you should have added "pencho"? oh wait, that's my verification word ...)