Thursday, October 8, 2009

Too Posh for my own good ;-)

After rereading my earlier post I realize that wow, my nose really got stuck up in the air, didn't it? :-)

What I meant earlier was that I grew up eating a lot of box, processed foods, interspersed with many a from-scratch meal and I'm none the worse for wear. But 30 years ago we kinda sorta didn't know better. Hell, I grew up eating 85/15 hamburgers fried in butter for Pete's sake! Topped with cheese! And I ate two at a time!

But I digress. I love, love, love much of the boxy goodness. The Roni, pot noodles, cheapcheapcheap store-brand mac & cheese, chili from a jar, Chef Boyardee ravioli, the list goes on. And I love me some Spam. Yep, Spam. I also keep one of those 72-slice boxes of plastic cheese in my fridge because it's so good on an eggwich and sticky good as grilled cheese. So I don't have airs above myself. I just think it's too easy to rely on boxed everything for meals. The salt and fat content is usually through the roof and many products have not-of-this-world artificial ingredients that are too spooky for my taste. I also think over-relying on these kinds of products kills your taste buds. You get so used to the salty, artificial taste that, when confronted with something fresh and wonderful, your brain goes into fits thinking it's not right.

I think it's extremely important for families to sit down together for at least one meal each and every day. And that meal shouldn't be thrown together. But it should be as easy to prepare as you choose and, if that means throwing on a pot of Roni as I did just to get everyone to the table then it's all good. But there needs to be balance. And that was the whole point of my earlier rambling. Invest in the items you have mad love for and enjoy every mouthful.

My guilty pleasures: Plastic cheese. Roni. Twelve-packs of ramen noodles. Bottled salad dressing. Pillsbury's pop biscuits. Instant mashed potatoes. God, I love those. Campbell's soups, especially Chunky soup--the one with the little burgers. Eat around the burgers then layer them on a slice of buttered white bread. Disgustingly good.

And much, much more. :-)


Bridget said...

My faves- Campbell's potato soup, with a pat of butter and some minced onion added in; plain rice, cooked with butter; Hostess cupcakes (yes, Carol, I know that Tastykakes are better, but I grew up with Hostess cupcakes); and I don't eat them anymore now that we are vegetarian, but nothing says comfort food like a fried bologna sandwich!

Lisa said...

How could I forget the fried bologna! And it had to be the really cheap, completely made from leftover bits kind, too, not Oscar Mayer or Dietz & Watson. My dad would just by the whole damn 5lb roll we ate so much of it. Fried in butter. On squidgy white bread. And yellow mustard.

I love Hostess cupcakes because you could peel off the squiggly white line of icing and eat it first. :)

Bridget said...

See I knew you would understand. (Separated at birth?)

Chow and Chatter said...

its all about balance