Saturday, September 26, 2009

Autumnal splendor

Wow. Time to update. Yes!

Pictures today, as I have been very busy in the kitchen but haven't felt patient enough to suss out the recipes in Word. I am very pleased with most of what I'm sharing. :-)

These are the samosas I made yonks ago, served alongside red lentil dal and mango chutney, both homemade. This meal rocked. The chutney is rather sweet and an excellent condiment for the samosas and the dal turned out rather well. I always love a meal like this and, even though the samosas are a bit tedious to make, the results are worth it.

Jerry's birthday was the 17th so I made a Snickers pie for the hell of it and his requested chocolate layer cake with buttercream icing. The pie looks really good but only the bottom layer was edible (luckily, that was the part with the Snickers!). The whipped cream top layer didn't set as nicely as I had hoped, but it was made partially edible by the syrups on top. I am happy to report, however, that the birthday cake was definitely full of yum and enjoyed by all.

The cinnamon rolls I made are now my new header and I am very happy with those. I do not like at all the Cinnabons you get at the mall; I find them cloying and overly sweet and they leave a bizarre greasy aftertaste on the roof of your mouth that no amount of coffee can burn off. So I make my own from a recipe I've had for years. They're just sweet enough and the spice kick of the cinnamon really balances them out. Love these.

This is my apple pie. I have mad love for this pie. I made one a week ago when I woke up one morning and, deciding I wanted pie, made one. For years I have failed miserably in this department and I now realize it was simply because I thought too much about it. This time around I just did it. And I've made another one that turned out just as good. I use Granny Smiths with just a little bit of sugar because I like a tart-ish pie and the crust is all-butter. This is a fantastic treat and I have had it for breakfast several time already.

Last, a gorgeous vegetable curry. Nothing complicated here and, let's be real, not too authentic (see Chow & Chatter for amazing authenticity), but this is so damn good and leftovers even better. I did realize, however, that I am not overly fond of sweet potatoes cooked this way. I much prefer them roasted or French fried; this time around they mushed into something that was not altogether pleasant to me. But the coconut curry sauce is to die for and I'm glad I made a huge batch.

Happy food, everyone. :-)


Jerry said...

I experienced appetite loss around the time of the vegetable curry, but I can vouch for all other dishes. Good stuff.

Bridget said...

Now I'm hungry. And I just finished dinner.

Chow and Chatter said...

oh its nice to see you posting again Lisa, love the dal, and veg curry oh and great cake, have a great weekend
I'll add the link to chow and chatter's page love

Lisa said...

JMWM: Glad to have your appetite back at the table.

Gitte: I thought of you whilst packing the leftovers and remembered how often I'd foist them upon you to take home or share on PHS "How to Food Poison Your Employees" day.

Rebecca: Many thanks! You are too kind.

Debinhawaii said...

You have been busy--everything looks great and that pie looks perfect!