Sunday, May 17, 2009

Modern English


I've been sick for a week. And last week the boys wonder were sick. Little gits are taking this whole sharing thing way too seriously. :-)

However, I did make myself useful in the kitchen. I haven't been able to taste much of anything since last Saturday (save for the occasional jolt of a peppercorn lodged between my teeth), which has caused me great consternation but I'm fumbling along, hoping that everything is--at the very least--edible.

The less said about last week's soup, the better. I'm going to try Maggie's PerfectPumpkinSoup this week with the exception of using sweet potatoes instead of pumpkin. I really like the spice combination she used and I think it will be something very, very tasty. And I'll make Rachel's BrownSconesWithSeeds because they will be amazing alongside, especially with a nice chunk of Kerrygold I've got stashed away. An added bonus is that they keep very well for a couple of days so I can pack one in Jandar's lunch bag and enjoy one myself for breakfast until, sadly, they are gone.

I also made Rachel's (oh shut up!) vanilla melting moments with the boys, which was an awesome amount of fun. They love lemon cookies and had been asking for them so I pulled out the recipe and added a good amount of lemon zest and the juice from said lemon and let them have at it. As it's an egg-free dough, they were also quite pleased that I let them eat some ahead of time. Let's see, we made these on Wednesday and they're still in very good shape so the freshness factor is high. I simply stored them on a plate covered with Glad Press 'n' Seal (which I highly, highly recommend for food storage). Excellent with a cup of hot tea with honey.

For the J-man I made the Caked Crusader's PecanFudgeBrownies and, let me tell you, these things are good. Really, really good. Now, I've made thousands of brownies from dozens of recipes but this one is one of the best I've ever used. I've never used four whole eggs before and I must admit I was a little shocked by such a large amount but it was worth it. A squidgy, chocolatey brownie, with that nice crackle on the top. I used walnuts (a rather copious amount as I like them throughout, not just here and there) but I'm going to try them next weekend with raspberries and white chocolate for dinner with Jerry's mom (we share a love of raspberries, especially when combined with chocolate--bliss!).

I also got another shipment from KingArthur; this time, I ordered some real chocolate jimmies, real white chocolate jimmies, and--fun of fun--gelatin sheets. I don't really have any use for them right now but I come across recipes now and again that call for them so I may pull one out so I can play. And yes, 25 lovely pounds of flour. It's rather frightening, really, as my counter jar holds only ten pounds and I have to keep the rest tucked way in the back of my baking cupboard because the boys like to play in it (we won't discuss what happened to the canister of cocoa) but I feel like something's missing from my kitchen if it's not there. It's very reassuring to be able to drop everything and make bread or scones or cake or even paste at a moment's notice.

I have a lovely grass-fed, organic strip steak and two pounds of gorgeous USA Gulf shrimp tempting me from my fridge and my mind is wobbling with thoughts of Thai beef salad, New Orleans barbeque shrimp, shrimp cakes, steak sandwich with arugula and garlic aioli...yum.


Bridget said...

Clearly you are feeling better.


I'm just starting on a sore throat-headache thing, and I am annoyed to say the least ...

Maggie said...

Hi Lisa,

Have you made the soup yet? I mad another batch the other day, and I put in about 100 ml coconut milk at the very end. Yum!

I've wanted to make you cauliflower version, and I went to the market for my veggies yesterday, but the cauli's were not very nice. Next time though, I like the sound of your recipe.

april said...

don't jinx me...can't get sick...but i literally drooled after reading about those brownies!!

i hope you're on the mend :)