Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's up at Altomonte's for April?

Glad you asked. :-)

Cheese of the month is Beemster, as represented by the two little mice laying claim to the Tillamook cheddar and a French Brie. I forgot to get a chunk of the Beemster but Valerie and Cindy were sweet enough to give me the little promo mice for the boys wonder. Yeah, like I won't be back in anytime soon to get some. Are we all on the same planet? I thought so. So thank you to Cindy and Valerie and I will be in this weekend for my share of the wheel.

According to my little newsletter, Beemster is considered a premium gourmet Dutch cheese, with a sweet, creamy texture. It supposedly pairs well with cabernet or shiraz whilst it's evil twin, Beemster Garlic, plays nicely with pinot grigio or shiraz. Granted, I pretty much go with whatever wine I have handy but if you allow garlic to make the sweet, sweet love to a good cheese--who even needs the wine? Go to Beemster if you want to get more info. Just don't freak out when the splash page does this weird whistly thing upon opening.

Damn, now I want some.

Moving on, I also purchased a small boneless lamb roast for Easter. We don't celebrate it as a holiday but I like to cook something traditional. I've cooked ground lamb plenty of times and I'm excited to try this. It's tiny, so if I ruin it I won't de driven to despair, and it has a freaky pop-up timer that you so know is getting yanked out. If it does turn out, the leftovers will most definitely make for nice Greek pitawiches. We ate lamb when I was a kid, chops because that's what my dad liked and, when Jerry would sometimes go out of town for business, I would often get a pack of tiny little chops for myself and make them. They are greasy and they do pong up the house but I love the flavor, especially with garlic and oregano. I add cumin and parsley and mint when I make the patties so I'm sure I can come up with something interesting for the roast.

I got fish for the chittlins for tonight and they had frozen packs of tiny salmon filets that I snagged for two reasons: One because I really want to see if I can sneak some past the boys and, since they're small (the filets, not the boys), I can do one to see how they react and two, I want to start eating it once or twice a week and I figure grilled, with my homemade remoulade, some lettuce and tomato, all on a nice roll might be the way to do it. It's not a terribly frightening color, either, it looks fairly natural. Ah, we shall see.

And here is your advance notice: Hoagie Day 2009 is Thursday, April 30th. Large Italian hoagies for three bucks. I don't want any guff if you forget.

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