Thursday, April 23, 2009

Running amok with Rachel and rhubarb

Made glorious Brown Scones with Seeds on Tuesday to serve with the chicken and mango salad. Oh my, so full of yum it's scary. The addition of eggs to the batter made them good even this morning for breakfast and these are truly something I should make once a week to go with soups and any other salad I may serve. I usually winge and moan whenever I make biscuits, even though I love them, but I've always been lazy about having to rub the butter through the flour, patting them out, cutting them. I usually just pissily throw everything into a bowl and make rather garish drop biscuits. Remember, if they ain't made with love, they ain't gonna taste good. Period. Ain't that the truth. :-)

Anyhoo, I watched Rachel make these and they just screamed out to me so I made them. And they were easy. And I did it without a single nasty thought; rather, I took my time, measured everything carefully, patted them into shape, and used my beloved mezzaluna to cut them into chunky shapes. Voila!

Beautiful, edible, full of yum scones. You can find the recipe here BrownSeedScones and I highly recommend them. Just ignore the Marco Pierre White video that loads (which takes forever). Man's a tool.

This morning was all about the rhubarb. I was at Tanners this last Sunday and was lucky enough to get first dibs on a fresh box of the gorgeous pinkiness. I bought way too much and it's pretty much just wandered hither and yon over my counter; this morning, though, I gathered it up and decided to do something with at least half of it--something that didn't involve another vat of jam as I've got quite enough for now. I went to the always reliable super hero of baking CakedCrusader and found just the recipe I was looking for (although I'm in great anticipation of making the rhubarb meringue pie) that would enable me to spend a little time in the kitchen whilst the bairns were dismantling the DVD player in the sunroom. Without further ado, as follows:

The boys wonder are very excited to try this for their tea and I'm just hoping it doesn't disappoint. I'm all for digging in right now with a spoon but, as it's still cooling, I'm refraining. I'll post a pic of an actual piece later. I have a feeling this is going to be very, very good, if the way the house smells and the batter tastes is any indication. :-)


Bridget said...

Rhubarb. Yum. Really.

The Caked Crusader said...

Yay! You made it! Hope you enjoyed it.
I found a new way to love rhubarb this weekend (no. Not that.)I had a rum cocktail made with rhubarb juice - it was awesome!

Lisa said...

Bridget: Seriously, make this cake.

Crusading One: I made it and ate vast quantities of it--even managed to get some into the bairns. Now I definitely have to see about a cocktail! A girl needn't worry about wasting a bumper crop with alcohol on hand. :)