Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kings of Leon

Really, you should get "Only by the Night." And alternate it with the latest Killers. Throw in a little Social D, the soundtrack to Oblivion for a palate cleanser, then wrap up with Bowie's "Life on Mars" (the single). Bliss.

Then you should either play these CDs whilst making your very first batch of French onion soup or, if you're like me and can't stay in the kitchen the entire time, listen to the soundtrack in your head as you stir 2.5lbs of onions for the 1965th time, willing them to turn golden and not burn.

Flip on "Human" as you sharpen your lovely Henckels chef's knife, then a little "Crawl" as the butter melts. "Sex on Fire" is excellent whilst slicing the onions. "Sick Boys" would be good for cleaning up then a little Oblivion music to remove yourself from the kitchen and realize that your hair is starting to get a bit reeky from the onions. I'd move on to "Mr. Brightside" and "Can You Read My Mind?" during subsequent stirrings simply because anything too melodic will cause you to fall asleep and ignore the onions until their acrid smell infiltrates your nose and you realize you need to start over. "Ring of Fire" is good for getting your wine and stock out of the cupboards and onto the counter, and I think "Revelry" should play during the measuring of said additions. "Far Behind" can keep you company as the wine bubbles and reduces a bit then you can add the stock whilst humming "Story of My Life" and "All These Things That I Have Done," the latter a bit long-ish and good for bringing the soup to a simmer. Straighten up (again, it's a constant process) to a little more Oblivion then watch the short simmering process and sing out loud "Use Somebody." Out loud is important because you really want people to understand the grand importance of what it is you are trying to accomplish in the kitchen. Hit replay and sing it again as you ladle the soup into the bowls, top with croutons and Gruyere, and lightly broil. This will bring everyone into the kitchen to both complain about your tone-deafedness and marvel at what you've created. Tell them all to get out because you need to set the table and pour the wine. Wrap up with a really loud rendition of "Life on Mars" and envision the scene where Sam is standing on the roof of the police station and the song is playing in the background. You just know he's going back to Annie (because you've seen that same scene 7865 times) but you can't help but get all tense, like it's really going to turn out any different. And he does go back and save Annie and they kiss and Sam and Annie and Gene and Ray and Chris all live to fight another day. GEEK!

This, to me, would be the ideal way of preparing French onion soup. And everything up until the simmering did happen yesterday when I made the soup. The rest is what I would have liked to do but never got around to because we decided to have fresh soft pretzels for lunch, which turned out to be so filling that I fridged the soup for dinner today. Which was good, actually, because it allowed me to go out and get some Gruyere when I went for the pretzels. Also, I cannot sing and, if I make even a feeble attempt, the boys wonder screech at me to stop. Jerry just makes snarky comments, which I ignore. :-)


Bridget said...

Whereas, I would gladly put up with tone-deaf singing if it resulted in yummy French Onion soup ...

Lisa said...

It's a shame you weren't in on the slaughter of "Crazy" by April, Frank, and me. You might be of a different mind. :)

The Caked Crusader said...

French onion soup has been on my "to make" list for so long now that I practically have to dust the recipe!
Maybe I'll get round to it now!