Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jandar the Barbarian, or Why I Have the Bestest Husband in the Whole Wide World

1) He eats whatever I prepare for meals, even the travesties that have been my Chinese stir-fries;
2) He's seriously easy on the eyes;
3) He doesn't scream when I sing (snarky comments understandable);
4) He drinks Gentleman Jack with me;
5) He loves the Spenser novels as much as I do;
6) He bought me a Kate Spade for our 10th anniversary;
7) He understands my unholy love for Bruce Campbell, Donnie Yen, Jason Statham, and--most recently--Philip Glenister. So much so that he purchased for moi a t-shirt with the following image:

So, ladies, I encourage you to find yourself a man like mine. Except don't come near mine, because I will kut you.

(Did I mention he was seriously easy on the eyes? Stay away!)


Jandar said...

It's nice to be loved by a wonderful, sexy lady. :-*

LA said...

I gots me a hubby like that too. ;)