Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Food, indeed

By some strange alignment of the planets, I was able to bang out three new recipes today. I, too, am full of shock and/or awe, especially as all three were prepared without any harm coming to house or home (vis a vis the boys wonder). Two are from the April 2009 issue of BBC GoodFood and the the third is from Rachel's Favourite Food.

I made the Sweet Potato Gumbo, found on p. 84 whilst the Chocolate Brownies (p. 128) baked. Haven't tasted the brownies yet but the soup was amazingly good. I must admit that I didn't hold out much hope as several recent attempts at soup have been less than amazing (I don't always mention the failures as it pains me to think of the wasted ingredients). This is not a traditional New Orleans-style gumbo that you may be familiar with (it doesn't contain any meat, poultry, fish, or shellfish); rather, it's vegan but the kind of vegan recipe that doesn't make you wish you were eating something else. It's also something I wish I'd had in my files back when I was a veggie. Cabbage and sweet potatoes are the star ingredients and, whilst it may sound an unusual combination, it's delicious. Also, if you like spicy this is one for you. It takes two chili peppers and a full teaspoon of cayenne. The recipe is too new to be on the BBCGoodFood website but I suggest checking it out next month to see if it makes and appearance.

The brownies you don't need a picture of. They look like every other picture I've posted of brownies. These caught my eye as they called for mayonnaise and buttermilk and, as I've always loved a nice piece of chocolate mayonnaise cake, these look to be a winner. I'll report back later once I've had a chance to sample; the batter was good and even the bairns liked it. We shall see.

Rachel's WhiteSodaFocacciaWithCheese is not, as she states, a true focaccia. But it's delicious nonetheless, and easy. Very easy, no rise, and it made an excellent addition to the soup. Granted, in the picture it looks rather like a wonky fried chicken leg but I think I can be forgiven for my shaping technique. This is another breadly winner from Rachel.

Go forth and cook!

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