Saturday, April 11, 2009

Everybody was to-fu fighting, hyuh!

Made rather a dangerous trip to Whole Foods today with my cousin Driss, but I'm loaded for bear with chicken, rice wrappers, oat bran, and other foodly goods. And cheese. Oh heavenly cheese. A gorgeous St. Agur bleu, Kerrygold Irish cheddar, a lovely roll of herby, creamy goat's...and mozzarella and Colby Jack and I think that's it. Spring roll wrappers. A bigass container of Fage Greek yogurt and a pound of a locally produced coffee that turned out to be a wise investment indeed. Thai-spiced 'fu, which the bairns used to be absolutely mad for, and other things like lentils and radishes and fresh mint, oh my!

I've been very busy in the kitchen this week, starting last Sunday when I made a most successful tom yam soup:

I also whipped up a toffee sauce:

Some really gorgeous summer berry and rhubarb jam (20oz rhubarb, 10oz blackberries, 8oz strawberries, 5oz blueberries, one cup sugar, 10oz water, bring to a boil for 10mins, simmer for an additional 30mins, voila! jam.):

This stuff is amazing on the Greek yogurt. Slighty tart and the blueberries are still in good shape so you get a little pop of blueberry goodness when you bite into one.

I also banged out a madeira cake, a Spanish white bean soup with chorizo, another batch of blueberry muffins, and tonight I did some spicy Asian chicken wings. Most recipes were taken from my Rachel Allens as she is my newest girl crush (I've been watching her videos almost non-stop and my head is reeling with ideas). The cake and soup were really, really good and the wings--whilst good--made us realize that we're not all that fond of wings anymore. I'm going to cut some of the chicken breasts I got today into strips and freeze them in the marinade for a fairly quick "I need a fast food fix" kind of treat. I think they'd even be good sauteed with carrots or broccoli or other veggies and served over rice. Either way, the marinade is a winner, and I must warn you: sweet chili sauce can be awfully spicy so be careful. I ate the sour cream off my potato skins to cool the heat. Jerry, of course, felt nothing. He has an asbestos tongue.

I'm going to make Rachel's leek potato soup with blue cheese next week, which is why I bought the St. Agur. She used a Cashel blue, which Whole Foods did not have, but the helpful cheese lady recommended the St. Agur because it's similar in texture (creamy) and taste (not overly strong) and she thought it would do well melded with leeks and potatoes. Here's hoping.

Tomorrow I was going to make the roast lamb but I know Jerry is not quite as enthusiastic as I am about it so I think I might roast it on Tuesday then slice it down and freeze it for Greek pitas later. It's definitely a meat that pongs up the house so I'll wait until it's just me and throw open the windows. I'll most likely go with bangers and mash (my homemade Irish sausages) and a spinach salad for dinner and, if I'm enthusiastic enough, maybe the leek soup for lunch. I don't think it will keep well so it's not something I want to make for my weekly soup; that will be a lentil soup I snagged from Ed Begley, Jr. I'm also hoping to make some scones for breakfast with scrambled eggs and--heaven help me--scrapple. I'm a huge scrapple fan. Huge. In fact, I think I can safely say it is my favorite of all the breakfast meats. Mmm...I'm tasting it now...

And, as proof that I did attend a Thai cooking class, here is me looking all kinds of ravishing (with a certificate of achievement to boot):

Can't wait to get my hair done on Saturday :)


LA said...

Hey, a photo! You look great. Congrats on finishing the Thai class. I'm still working on the how to boil water class; the curriculum is very intense.

Bridget said...

You have fixed more things in a single week than I even think of making in a month! (But they do look really yummy ...)

Hooray for your successful finishing of the Thai cooking class! It sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Oh - did you make a birthday cake in honor of the Boys Wonder????

Lisa said...

Ink: Stay away from the stove. And the microwave. Hell, stay out of the kitchen altogether until you read a damn cookbook! :)

Bridget: The boys wonder got cupcakes with toffee sauce. Didn't have any confectionary sugar but they had no complaints about the sauce so it was win-win for everyone. Especially when I brought out the ice cream. :d