Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The British have dispatched, the British have dispatched!

I have a bad Amazon habit and, more recently, a bad, bad Amazon UK habit. We got smart a long time ago and bought a regionless DVD player and have since built quite a tidy collection of our favorite shows--Spaced, Life on Mars, Garth Marenghi and, most recently, The IT Crowd. We even got the same DVD player for our sunroom so the boys wonder could watch Pingu and we could go Man to Man with Dean Lerner.

Today, though, Rachel Allen arrived in all her lovely blonde Irish glory. I geeked when I found the package in the mail box and gleefully folded mass quantities of laundry just to have an excuse to sit on the couch for 300+ minutes of cooking heaven. And today I got an email that the other set of DVDs had shipped (along with a book I've been pining for) so this time next week will mean more blissful laundry and one happy mama.

The set that arrived today is Rachel's Favourite Foods and is not the partner with the book I already have Rachel's Favourite Foods at Home (that DVD set comes next week) but I am over the moon with both of them. You know by now how very much I love this book--it's the one with the fave recipes for sausages and whole meal bread--and I decided that I simply had to have the companion DVD series, even though I had no idea how she was like, camera-wise. After I placed my order, I figured I could YouTube her and found several videos she's done for UKTV. Here's one:

She's fantastic and the quality of the shows is outstanding. I don't watch cooking shows anymore because Food Network sucks the mighty donkey and there's nothing else on any channel I find at all appealing (okay, so I don't mind Emeril Green). I wish I had gotten this DVD player earlier as I could have gotten some Nigella but the mad love I now have for Rachel eases the pain.

I do have a small collection of Giada and Ina but, quite truthfully, I pull them out so very rarely I often wonder if I should pass them on to someone who will truly love them. They're old Giada, where she often looks just this side of madness. Ina, however, has always seemed fairly comfortable on screen and her posse of besweatered gay men can't be beat; seriously, she has incredibly fun friends and her husband, Jeffrey, is too cute. Maybe I'll hang on to her for a while. How bad can that be? ;)

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LA said...

I have a bit of a Brit fascination myself... but not with chefs...