Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beats being a roadie

According to Sara Cox, of BBC Radio 1, having your own vegetable garden is now officially rock 'n' roll. Who knew? I mean, I spent so many years thinking I lacked serious street cred and here I've had it all along. If you look carefully, you can see Mike Ness and Bono frolicking amongst the basil.

I made a quickie to Altomonte's today, ostensibly to get milk, but let's be real: Either I'm walking out with two bags or I'm just not going in. ;-) I did remember to get the milk but also picked up half of a thinner crust tomato pie, some nice balsamic vinegar, and my usual bulk bottle of Cento olive oil. I like the Cento because it's a good, basic, consistent brand, and it's not too spendy. I like it for sauces and soups and such and have never been disappointed. I save my kalamata extra virgin for salads and things where you really need to taste the oil. Remember, Thursday is Hoagie Day 2009. Last time I tell you. Italian hoagies for three bucks.

You're on your own now. :-)

Speaking of salads, I grabbed some of their homemade fresh mozzarella last week and it blows away the prepackaged stuff you get at the supermarket. Made a gorgeous pizza with it last Friday (grilled chicken, pepperoncini, and raw onions) and my very first Caprese salad. I find it mind-boggling that I've never made a Caprese salad before but there you have it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I love when simple ingredients combine to make something absolutely extraordinary. This proves again that I'm a better vegetarian now than when I was "officially" one.

And I finally got around to making Rachel's PastaWithSpicySausage for dinner on Sunday. One exception was that my chorizo looked rather funky so I chopped up the hot Tuscan salami I had left over and I must say this was yummy indeed. It was also very satisfying having a fresh rosemary plant on the counter from which to cut pieces for the sauce. I made the recipe through without the meat only because the boys wonder really don't like things too spicy right now. Once I mixed the sauce through their pasta I added the salami to mine and Jerry's. I also subbed half & half for the light cream. I'd definitely make this again, and I'm looking forward to using chorizo next time. Or a black pepper salami. I think I like that idea even better.


The Caked Crusader said...

I'm forwarding this post to my boyfriend - he's just started "growing his own" and is fearful of it being uncool

Lisa said...

Which I guess begs the question: Is Sara Cox cool? ;)