Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Playing ketchup. Catsup? Ketchup.

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Catsup who?

Catsup a tree and can't get down!

*ba dum bump*

Thank you, thank you, I'll be at the Copa Room through Thursday. Try the veal!

We had lovely snow over the weekend and into yesterday, nowhere near Mega Storm, Bringer of Doom that the weather folks predicted (seriously, you would have thought SciFi channel had asked them for an original movie script), but a good amount nonetheless. Although it didn't really hit until late on Sunday, I'll take any excuse I can for spending time in the kitchen over the weekend.

This is a most divine piece of brisket that I plunked into its own little Harp beer bath and roasted in a 325 oven until it turned into this:

Shredded beefy goodness for bbq beef sandwiches. Jerry's sandwiches were slathered with bbq sauce whilst I topped my helping with some hot pepper sauce and cole slaw. Utterly delightful.

Because I felt like it, here is a picture of my cheese drawer. I've got pecorino romano, some nice sharp Tillamook cheddar, Grana Padano, I think something called Montesino, and an aged gouda simply called Vincent. This is also where the chunks of pancetta and anchovy paste hang out.

Sunday morning I had all four burners going with a really nice Indian spiced soup, teeny breakfast links, linky eggs for Jerry's bagelwich, and pancakes for me and the boys wonder. Although I highly recommend this kind of cooking when you're in the mood, it certainly leaves the house smelling rather funky. Not bad, mind you, but the co-mingling of food aromas sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. :-)

Then, inspired by a most lavish creation from TheCakedCrusader I made an orange-infused cake layered with jammy goodness and topped with cream cheese icing. Mine turned out good but I really, really have to have a go at the original. It's sexy and voluptuous and I really, really want one for myself. Yeah, it's a lot of reallys but go look at it for yourself and tell me you don't feel the same way.

Wrapping things up, I went food shopping today for the first time in eons. Dropped off the bairns and stopped at Wegmans instead of going right home. Man, did I have fun. Spent yonks more than I anticipated but I came home with the produce fixings for cottage pie, a good stir fry or two, and sides for a proper roast; in other words, I scored parsnips, turnips, cabbage, potatoes, bok choy, green beans, fresh Chinese noodles, and more, I'm sure, but can't remember. Leeks. I bought leeks. I'm thinking I'll make a chicken stir fry tonight because I'm dying to try the noodles and am in the mood for something spicy. I hit the international foods aisles and scored some coconut milk, sriracha (that gloriously hot chili sauce in the nifty squeeze bottle), and tom yam paste in a jar, which I have been seeking out for ages and danced the happy when I saw it on the shelf. Nigella uses it to make a soup and I've already planned to dig out the recipe for this weekend. I also found jars of lemongrass and galangal, both of which I'm hoping I'll get to buy once the Thai cooking class kicks off. I'm a whore for jars of lavish ingredients so any excuse is a good one.

To close out with some more of the pretty, here is a shot of my kafir lime leaves and, at least to me, the prettiest piece of ginger I've ever seen.


The Caked Crusader said...

Good lord! If it's possible to have "cheese-envy" then I'm in the grips of it right now! What a photo!!!!
Glad to have been an inspiration. Not sure that's ever happened before......!

Bridget said...


And all that cheese ...

Lisa said...

Cake: That cake is seriously giving me fits. And I'm still dreaming of the clotted cream/whipped cream/custard combo for the apple roll. :)

And to Gitte and Cake: Cheese is divine; everyone should have a little cheese drawer. Which is why I think vegans look so unhappy--they are denying themselves a little slice of magic.

Jake Ten Pas said...

That cheese drawer makes us want to dive in and swim much like Scrooge McDuck in his Money Bin on "Duck Tales." Do you use it fast enough to keep it from going bad? If not, what is your secret?
Keep up the good cooking,
Jake Ten Pas
Tillamook Cheese Fan Club

Lisa said...

Jake, the hard cheeses like the pecorino and padano stay fresh for a good long time as I only grate or chunk what I need. The Tillamook never lasts because we eat it every day. My boys like the sharp cheeses, which pleases me greatly as I don't want them to think plastic slices are the be all, end all of the cheese world. We do cheese platters several times a week in lieu of a full dinner because it's easy to throw together when I don't feel like cooking and, well, any excuse to eat cheese!

I'm on the fan club site now. Yum.