Friday, March 20, 2009


Spring sprang today with a light dusting of snow on the grass and cars. Now it's sunny, birds are chirping, and it's cold. But hey, it's a mid-Atlantic state, what do you expect? :)

Last night was week two of my Thai cooking class (yes, it started a week ago and yes, this last week was not one to write home about). I remembered to bring my camera so this will be a nicely illustrated entry.

Phrensi (pr. Pensi), a native Thai, leads the class. You can find out all about her here FantasticThai. Last week we made a massive amount of food: chicken spring rolls, red curries with squid and chicken, and pad thai; however, this week was a touch more restrained, if only because we didn't bust out the deep fryer. It's a great deal of fun and hands-on, not a class you can just sit through and idly watch. You cook. You reek when you go home, but it's worth it.

And now for pretty pictures:


A plethora of authentic Thai ingredients

Fresh rice noodles

Prep for Drunken noodles with beef

Drunken noodles with beef

Drunken noodles with beef and shrimp

Masaman curry with chicken

Sweet sticky rice

The food was massively good and I got to cook the drunken noodles with beef and shrimp so, by default, it was the best of the bunch. A completely objective opinion, of course. I did forget to take a final pic of the sweet sticky rice so what you see does not at all do it justice but let me assure you--it was crack. The sweet rice, shaped into neat balls with an ice cream scoop, surrounded by slices of fresh mango, drizzled over top with thick cocount cream, with a final sprinkle of sesame seeds and dried mung beans. An amazing explosion of taste and textures and not a speck was left.

I haven't made anything at home yet as I'm waiting for a massive order to arrive from ImportFood. By now you know how much I love shopping online for pretty much everything and this store has all you need to make as many Thai dishes as is humanly possible. I just ran with it and expect a 55lb box of goodness to arrive by next Tuesday. Wegmans has a decent selection of Thai ingredients but I don't really like shopping there (it's the darkest damn grocery store I've ever been in) so I'd rather just eat the shipping and put together one bigass order and be done with it. As it cost just under $11 for everything to be shipped from Washington state I think I got more than my money's worth.
Next week I think is some kind of fried rice and tom yam soup, which I am so dying to make. Nigella has a recipe but pish, I'm going to hold off until I get something authentic under my belt. Then I'll make hers for comparison.


Bridget said...

Drunken noodles. Yum.

Quilting Mama said...

What a wonderful show and tell! Hope the box arrives and your house enjoys the aromas and tastes to come.