Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Le sigh

The death of Natasha Richardson today saddens me. Granted, you may say that she was just another celebrity, someone I didn't know nor overly admire (although I will admit to having seen "Parent Trap" way too many times, and that scene where Hayley/Annie first comes home to England after summer camp and and she and Richardson [as her mom] hug on the steps--gets me every damn time) but, well, at 45 she was only a few years older than me. She loved food, even turning up as a guest judge on "Top Chef." Married not that long after I was, with two boys. And she and Liam Neeson seem so nice, people you wouldn't mind having as neighbors, on whose door you could knock to ask if they wouldn't mind pruning back their apple tree so it wasn't such a huge mess come fall. Happy people who just happened to have chosen acting as a profession. And the freakish way she died really sucks.

So, I bid her and her family peace. I also wish the same for Ron Silver's family, another actor I rather liked, whose career had a far broader scope that I ever realized. These things usually happen in threes but let's hope that the next one takes its time. An aging actor, a natural death, this is to be expected. But these two, it's just not fair.


LA said...

That scene in Parent Trap gets me too. I choke up every damn time little Lohan gets to see her mommy for the first time in her whole life...sniff.

These are both tragic losses. I liked Ron Silver, especially during his stint on the West Wing. And I adored Natasha Richardson.

So very sad.

Bridget said...

Truer than true.

I keep thinking of one of the first scenes in that movie, "Love, Actually," where Liam Neeson's character is at his wife's funeral, and he and her young son are so incredibly sad.

Natasha Richardson seemed like one of those people who was beautiful, talented, and rich, but would have acted like a regular person.

I was surprised when I read about Ron Silver - for whatever reason, it really didn't sink in that it was true for a while.