Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a garden, boogie oogie oogie.

Granted, I'm a month behind, but I now have all my seeds and my little peat pods at the ready. Because I'm a crackhead, I have nine kinds of basil: Bush Spicy Globe, Dark Opal Purple, Dwarf Greek, Genovese, Lettuce Leaf, Lemon, Lime, Siam Queen, and Sweet; and five pepper varieties: Anaheim Chili, Cascabella, Poblano, Serrano Chili, and Sweet Banana. To round out the herbs, I am attempting cilantro, dill, mint, oregano, Italian parsley, and rosemary. The rest of my veggies include mesclun, French Breakfast radishes, scallions, and Cuor di Bue tomatoes, all first-time entrants. I have a 72-pod tray but haven't quite worked out the logistics of divvying up the seeds. I usually grow way more basil and peppers than I need but I'm thinking this year it might be kind of fun to dry a lot of the basil and make a blend for use in tomato sauces and pizza during the winter. I like dried basil and don't mind using it so I think this might be an interesting addition to the spice rack. The peppers I usually freeze but this year I'd like to try pickling them; I'm not very good at proper canning but my dad used to do it all the time with our home-grown tomatoes so I should be able to make him proud. We also used to grow scallions by the bucketful, and my mom remembers taking the salt shaker outside, picking the scallions fresh, hosing them off, and eating them on the back step. I've never been a fan of eating them like that, but I think this may be the year I go off the deep end and have some fun.

I don't plant in the ground; rather, I've got a ton of plastic pots that I set out on the patio and by the sunniest side of the fence. This year, however, I think I may line them all up along the fence because the bairns like to play on the patio and have a really bad habit of digging up the plants and--quite proudly I might add--presenting them to me.

I have lavender in an urn outside my back door that has been coming back over the last three years so this year I'm going to give it a permanent home in the small patch of dirt it stands on and cross my fingers that it takes. I also have sage that has held up well and will more than likely pick up a yellow tomato plant and something to plant near the buddha. He originally was kept company by creeping thyme and mint but those had to go when we did a mass weeding and mulching last year and he could do with some friends.

We have an apple tree in our yard and the fruit keeps the squirrels and various other critters quite happy but, truthfully, we have no idea what kind of apples they are and we're a tad fearful of actually harvesting them ourselves. I've seen pear trees in the neighborhood, too, which is cool. I'd love to add another fruit tree to the yard but they're a little spendy and I worry that I will kill it. But having a fig tree would be awesome. Maybe I'll just do it; if I don't get fruit but the tree actually grows that wouldn't be so bad.


Bridget said...

Tim started our seeds yesterday, and right now there are little peat pots in the strangest places around here ...

I have never had luck growing rosemary from seeds, but the plant I bought 3 years ago, and planted next to the front door comes back every year. I would like to say it's because I pay so much attention to it, but we both know that's not the case, right?

Lisa said...

The boys wonder wailed on my lavender last year and it thrives. I think plants flip us off but we just don't know it. :)

LA said...

Our neighbors have banana trees they planted along our fence line. Every year the bananas grow, ripen and die, and they never pick them. The next time a bunch hangs over my side of the fence, I'm making banana bread.

And hey, I've started a Blogger blog. It's all about Twilight though, so...be warned.