Sunday, March 29, 2009

Girl, you got me tongue Thai-ed

As you know by now, I've been taking a Thai cooking class. Thus far we've learned curries, sticky rice, fried rice, soup, spring rolls and several other things, with a promise of more to come in the second half of the session, which begins about three or four weeks from now. Whilst I am loving the class, I will admit that I am becoming weary of the exotic nature of the meals I'm preparing both at class and home. My first attempt at drunken noodles was a success, albeit a tremendously spicy one, which required mass quantities of beer and H2O to whittle down the pain, and I have an entire cupboard now loaded for bear with everything I could possibly need to make most Thai dishes; I also have a freezer bag with lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves to round out the dry goods. So I'm good to go at a moment's notice.

But, alas, Jerry determined Saturday night that he just didn't like curries anymore. The spring rolls and drunken noodles--aces high, both, but he's just not into green curry, or red curry, or--I'd imagine--jungle or any other Thai curry I might set before him. I inhaled my shrimp and squid combo and admit to picking the seafood off his plate once it was in the kitchen, but I found myself in bed that night with Tana and Rachel and Gordon (kinky, non?) and a nice Agatha Christie in case I needed a palate cleanser (Sleeping Murder) deciding that we need a bit of a break from Asia and maybe a return to the rotation of some old reliable sensations such as Rachel's amazing homemade sausages and Tana's lovely chicken mango salad. So I set an agenda today and banged out the following:

Tana's homemade baked beans and awesome blueberry muffins

Chicken mango salad; a plate of baked potato skins, beans, and the sausages

I had higher ambitions, which included making my baked potato soup and a sweet; however, Jandar had to work and this left me chasing the chittlins and keeping them from wreaking too much havoc (I let them watch Bloodsport to get them out of my hair--not a good idea the mood they were in) so I wasn't able to do the soup or the sweet but I should be able to make up for lost time tomorrow. I'm just very, very happy I got almost two dozen sausages in my freezer, along with a nice bag of potato skins, both very valuable in times of feeding frenzies, so I won't complain over much. The muffins are lovely as always, and the sausages are to die for. I really, really love their subtle flavor, especially paired with a spicy Creole mustard. They even work on a soft roll, with the mustard and some chopped onions. Full of yum.

So today was very successful, even if I'm mildy snockered on I believe at least half a bottle of a really nice pinot grigio by Luna and too full on rather disgusting Late Night Taco-flavored Doritos (take my word, don't buy these. If you really want to try them, come by my trash can and feel free to root). Tomorrow I'll take on the soup and sweet challenge but at least my freezer is full of the happy.


Bridget said...

Wow, you still got a lot accomplished today!

I spent way too much time trying to figure out why my sewing machine wouldn't sew ...

Lisa said...

I spend way too much time wishing I could sew so I envy you. I also think about knitting but let's be real--it would interfere with cooking, which I find much more tasty than wool. So I leave it to you. Then again, you're a massively good cook, too. I've got some catching up to do. :)