Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chi trova un amico trova un tesoro*

Today I dropped the bairns off at school and decided I was long overdue for a stop at Altomonte's. Jerry takes various MMA classes during the week and usually comes home fairly hungry, after the boys are asleep and the kitchen is cleaned--which means I beg off having to make him anything that doesn't require more than a knife and a cutting board. A nice cheese plate is a good snack, not too filling and rather fun, however, I'm embarrassingly low on supplies so I picked up a wedge of Prima Donna from Holland and an aged sharp provolone for cheese (now I realize I forgot the Tillamook) and for meat I asked the deli man for a suggestion because I'm a little bored with the usual salami and pepperoni I get. He recommened a slightly spicy, peppery Tuscan salami and he hit the nail on the head. I got it sliced very thin, which enhances its nice dry texture and the black pepper pieces provide a sharp bite. I think it will go well with both cheeses and I'm going to use it on this Friday's pizza with, I think, some hot pepperoncini and regular mozzarella not the fresh.

I also snagged some homemade pancetta. I usually buy a bigass roll of it and slice it as needed; however, this look so enticing I couldn't pass it by. It's meaty, with just enough fat to give whatever I use it for some serious flavor. It also looks to be much more highly seasoned than my regular brand. Don't know yet what fate awaits it but bucatini all'amatriciana is always a good start.

We had angel hair pasta tonight, with a simple tomato-basil sauce and I wrapped asparagus in proscuitto and roasted it for a naughty veggie treat. For wine, I finished the Luna and Jerry is working his way through a bottle of Mark West pinot noir. I'm not a wine geek by any stretch of the imagination, just sharing what we drank with the meal. Dessert: pink strawberry sugar wafers for me (in honor of Gene Hunt and his posse, of course) and a Cadbury egg for the J-man. The bairns got Chips Ahoy. I've been very lax this week in the baking of goods. But tomorrow is another day.

*He who finds a friend, finds a treasure.


LA said...

We have like 0 food in the house, and you're talking about angelhair pasta. I'm so freaking hungry right now.

Lisa said...

I sent you the cookbook and I must now wash my hands of you for you are dead to me. ;)

(Buy some damn spaghetti, woman!)

Jerry said...

I take various MMA classes, meaning I train once every month or so. I then celebrate with wine, cheese, and meat. Because I'm all man.