Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Special K

Bridget is playing a game over at her blog and now I get to play along. Basically, you are given a letter (upon request) and must name ten of your favorite things that begin with the letter each with an explanation as to why. Three guesses what my letter is.

King Cake: You've seen the pictures, can you blame me?

Kalonji: Little black seeds, tasting faintly of onion, that I rely on heavily in my version of Indian cooking. I especially love them kneaded into naan.

King Arthur Flour: They deliver to me a 25lb bag of the best flour all for a simple exchange of funds. Bliss.

Kitchen Confidential: Tony Bourdain's most excellent bestseller about what you may--or may not--want to know about what goes on in restaurant kitchens. Hint: Eat the bread any day, stay away from brunch.

Knockwurst and kielbasa: Tubular meats of the highest order.

Killers (The): My current favorite band. I firmly believe any DJ who talks over the opening of Mr. Brightside should be fired.

Kalamata olives: My very favorite olive. Always have a container in the fridge for they do nicely when I'm in the mood for a salty snack.

Kee Kee: Bridget's niece rocks the funny. A fashionista of the highest order with supershinypretty hair, she's also a tremendous cook who could easily put Ina out to pasture. Kee Kee has a most wicked sense of humor and could truly put TMZ to shame with her spin on celebrities. She's also just plain nice. I've heard she's a bit of a tippler, but that's only because we wouldn't associate with her otherwise. ;-)

Kalustyan's: They can fulfill all of your herby culinary needs.

Key Lime Pie: My very favorite of all the custard-y pies. I would run over a basket of K-is-for-kittens for a slice of this pie.

Ketel One: My second favorite vodka. Nothing beats a vodka tonic in the warm weather. Quinine never had it so good.

Kung fu movies: Yeah. Jet Li. Donnie Yen. Gordon Liu. Jackie Chan. That guy who's in everything. Especially the crappy, old-school movies. Those rule.

King (The): Hail to the King, baby. Thank you, thank you very much.

If you'd like to play let me know and I'll give you a letter.


april said...

i was just reminded that you're a huge fan of mardi gras...:)

Bridget said...

"Tubular meats of the higest order" - priceless!

Kee Kee said...

hAHAHAHAHA THANKS FOR THE NOD!! I am psyched to be one of your favorite K's! Now... pray tell, what is your favorite vodka?