Thursday, February 12, 2009

Go hot mamas!

Ha! I spent two hours in the company of a group of women who, when faced with an exotic gourmet spread consisting of two (TWO!) Mexican dips, rigatoni in a velvety tomato sauce, Thai chicken curry, chocolate muffins, feta spread, eggplant & walnut dip, little Italian dough thingies dove right in and ate! And went back for seconds! And didn't bitch once about calories or fat or thighs or struffoli! That's it! Those were the little Italian thingies. Struffoli. I really have to make those one day because little balls of honey-drenched dough are certainly most lovely. I had thirds on the curry and stop counting how much dip I enjoyed.

For my part, I contributed the feta spread and the eggplant dip, two recipes from Diane Kochilas' wonderful vegetarian Greek cookbook. Jerry has seen enough eggplant in the last two weeks to render him weary so, to restore him to full mettle, I made the dip and it was, if I do say so myself, quite divine. A little rough on the breath, what with the fresh garlic overload, but it's not like we went all Girls Gone Wild and started making out with each other. That, my friends, would have been tacky.

Whilst I was partying with the hot mamas, the bairns were having their Valentine's Day party, to which I contributed gorgeous orange cupcakes. You'd think I'd post a picture but the camera is downstairs and I'm full of curry and not feeling at all like moving. I used the vegan orange cake recipe from Joy of Cooking and glazed them simply with confectionary sugar mixed with a little orange juice. If you choose to make these (and the glaze) may I highly recommend using Florida's Natural brand? I really do think it's the best out there and I really do want what is best for you. ;-)

It's really friggin' windy here and playing havoc with my online experience, meaning I cannot access my email and I'm getting twitchy.

I have to plan dinner. Still feeling Greeky, I was thinking about the GreekBakedPasta recipe from the latest issue of Food & Wine. It involves lamb and tomatoes and ricotta and rigatoni and yes, I had rigatoni earlier but I can easily, quite easily eat it twice in one day. Wait, maybe it's penne pasta. Whatever, I like my pasta. We also refilled the wine cellar (the little 9-bottle rack we have in the bottom of our coat closet) so there's no shortage there.

Yes, I think that's what I'm going to do. You'll sleep better tonight, knowing all this, I am sure.


Bridget said...

The Hot Mamas sound like a good group - I mean, how often do you find women who will enjoy food without complaining or making comments about calories? (Well, besides us ...)

You have inspired me to make a rigatoni dish for dinner tonight!

Jenn Among the Orange Groves said...

Florida's Natural IS the best orange juice. And its parent company is just about a half hour's drive south of me. So support my local orange grower!

Jenn the Recommending Friend said...

I reminded my sister Donna about this blog, and I just recommended it to an Internet friend of mine, Jackie, who also keeps a food blog at All you culinary types need to stick together. I'm just here for the yummy photos and the occasional snappy comeback.