Friday, January 9, 2009

Yes, I'm going to marry a carrot

I'm going to Tanner's today. It's a dairy farm/produce market that has a huge selection of produce, awesome homemade ice cream, and stinky cows. The bairns used to like the stinky cows but have since changed their minds. They still like ice cream, though, so there is some reward for hanging out whilst I ooh and aah over what I want. They also have local honey, which is far superior to anything I've purchased in the supermarket. Granted, I am no expert, and I have no problem keeping a little plastic bear full of Acme or Sue Bee in my cupboard; however, I do like the idea of supporting local businesses and, with the whole honey bee problem these last several years, I'd hate for the smaller operations to go under. And the stuff is damn good, worth every penny.

Going to Tanner's always reminds me of my friend Bridget, aka Peaches, a most appropriate name for a veggie. She's one of the good veggies: She doesn't eat meat but she keeps it to herself. And she loves cheese. And ethnic food. She even likes my interpretation of ethnic food. One of the many things I miss about working with her was she was always willing to share in my leftovers and try my chickpea curry and spicy lentil wraps. She is also the Bridget of Holiday Cheese Ball fame. (She is the cat's mother, as my mother says. Whatever the hell that means.) Go Bridget! Go reader, meet Bridget here!

I'm drinking very good coffee right now, Starbucks Casa Cielo. Mmm...smooth. To accompany said coffee I am enjoying a bowl of Grape Nuts with vanilla yogurt. Carry on.

Tonight I'm finally going to get off my ass and make the blackeye peas in spicy goan curry for dinner. I'm also going to make the spinach raita (as suggested by the author) and, if there is time, I'll do chapatis. In the grand scheme of things, that is three new recipes, ha! Although mixing together yogurt, red onions, and spinach hardly counts, I must admit, and I am going to pick up some pitas or flatbreads today whilst I'm out just in case I don't get around to the chapatis. I'm saving the sausages for tomorrow; I'll make them tonight so the flavors blend and we'll have them during football. No, I'm not rooting for anyone in particular; I just like to have meals to go with the games and sausages are tops in my book. Plus, it's supposed to snow tomorrow, and a big meal of bangers and mash is ideal for that kind of weather.

I've already lined up several things I want to try next week but I want to expand out from the Tanas and Rachel and Nigella. Gordon will just have to wait as I simply do not have the energy to try anything from his book. I'm thinking something from Padma or maybe one of my mystery writer cookbooks as those have some weirdly wonderful recipes that really need trying. We shall see. I was going to include baked goods as part of my two-recipes-a-week challenge but, as I maked baked goods every week, that's kind of cheating. I'm sticking to the two savory recipes, one veggie, one not, as that's something that I have to work at.

Sunday the Eagles play and, although I'd love to break out the Italian grillers, that's just too much sausage in one weekend, even for me. I'm thinking more along the lines of Buffalo chicken or honey mustard sticky chicken, both of which go really well with fries or homemade potato skins. They're football-y without being sluggish and they go well with beer.

Hey, Kee Kee, how's that chick--oh, I'm sorry--how is le coq?


april said...

"that's just too much sausage in one weekend..."

that's what she said!! :D

Kee Kee said...

The Chick was GREAT!!!! and setting fire to the cognac in the recipe was AWESOME!!!! Now I want to set fire to everything. I love that you are doing a veggie and a savory new recipe, I have included cocktails to my list. Last week I made Barefoot Contessa's Pomm Cosmos- OH MY GOD DIVINE!!! THe recipe makes 4 perfect drinks, even my husband loved it, I think I will serve them as an appertif for my next dinner party.. This week I am trying a creamy tomato soup, parm. crackers and a couple other goodies. I'll keep you posted!