Saturday, January 10, 2009

Porcine pleasure

Well, I rounded out the week with the Rachel Allen bangers and mash dish and yes, it was freakin' incredible. The sausages were the easiest thing in the world to make (no casing required) but had the most incredible flavor from just a few ingredients. It was a pleasure opening the fridge, where they were tucked nicely under a piece of press & seal, and having the garlicky aroma waft towards me. Then I let them come to room temp before showering them with a mist of olive oil and gently roasting them in the oven. Oh my. Luscious. The colcannon--let's be real--it's mashed potatoes with cooked cabbage mixed in. But I left the cabbage a bit crunchy for a nice contrast in texture and added oodles of butter to make up for the 1% milk I used. Lovely. Homemade applesauce is a snap; in fact, it was the first solid food the bairns got so it's not like I needed a recipe. All three items on the one plate brought a fabulous mix of flavors and textures and I most definitely will make a fresh batch of the sausages for freezing and indulging at a moment's notice. I highly recommend a pint of Bass alongside and, if he's Stateside, invite DCIGeneHunt over and pick his brain about the '70s. And what he really thinks about Manchester United.

Rounding out the meal--Tanner's chocolate ice cream with some of the leftover toffee sauce I have hidden at the back of the fridge.

Is this a treadmill I see before me?


Bridget said...

Hm. Who's your back-up if Gene Hunt isn't available?

And, are we all going to the Golden Globes tonight, or skipping them due to the recession?

Lisa said...

I have my Laboutins all lined up.