Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Buttery goodness

From Kee Kee:

Dear Queen La La, I was at a fancy schmancy grocery store last weekend and saw beautifully wrapped butters in the dairy section. As I have only been a land o lakes unsalted gal all my life, I wonder, have you ever tried the fancier butters and if so, would you recommend serving it for special dinner parties? I often serve butter along side french bread with radishes and salt in an attempt to appear french.. which I am not... but I digress. . . Is the fancy butter worth it, or should I stick with my usual land o lakes at room temperature whipped with a touch of salt?

I love, love, love me some Land O' Lakes and think it's perfect for any occasion. However, I do indulge in Kerrygold Irish sweet butter from time to time because I think it's out of this world, especially with a bit of baguette and a fresh cup of morning coffee. It's not too spendy, spreads beautifully, and the best part is that it is so damn creamy you don't need nearly as much as you might with LOL. You could serve it in little ramekins with a sprinkle of sea salt on top but, if you're already doing the Ina and putting salt on the side for the radishes, then just pot it up and let it be its own blissfully creamy self.

I hear good things about Lurpak and the French butter, Presidente I believe it's called, but I rely on Kerrygold for the price and its consistent quality.

Let me know what you end up with. :)


Kee Kee said...

All hail the Queen!! Thanks for the tip and can't wait to try it! wonderful!!

Bridget said...

Kerrygold rocks. Love it!